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Front Face, Part II

The second of a series of videos detailing construction of the front face of a Global model Earthship.

3 comments to Front Face, Part II

  • frenchie

    Hey, at 1’39 I was here with you for the rebay-steack’s night!!! There is my bag and my jacket!! Instead of speaking about bond-beam, it would be better to tell everybody how was these fucking rebay-steack!! hummm, so good…. I want another one!!

    • Haha nice Frenchie! Yes, everyone, the French girl is correct. “Rebay-steacks”, also known as Ribeye steaks are very good. In, fact, I try to eat several of them every week and I suggest that everyone do the same.

  • Roban Bieber

    Thanks for sharing your building journey in such great detail. I will soon be building an earthship hybrid. Peace.

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