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About Volunteering

Volunteering on one our builds is THE best way to learn techniques to build your own sustainably minded or off grid home! Our builds happen in various parts of the US and even abroad. Make sure you come prepared to work hard because building a house is not easy work, but we here at Off Grid Build agree, it is one of the most gratifying things you will do in your entire life. We take our volunteering program very seriously are are focused on making sure that our volunteers have a rewarding educational experience. We take the time each day to explain what we are going to be working on and why. As we work we explain as we go and answer questions along the way. No one is left behind and everyone understands their task. Here are some principles we stand by:
  • A “work smart, not hard” mentality If there is an opportunity to make a job easier on the work site, we will seize it. Sometimes this is as simple as smart material and equipment positioning. Other times, this means saving hours of back breaking shoveling by using a backhoe (unless of course¬†you are looking for a good workout, in which case, we will oblige).
  • Small crew This allows for easy organization and less chaos on the worksite. Also, it will allow us to better supervise, keep everyone interested and working and learning to their full potential. No one will be left floundering looking for work.
  • Educational Off Grid Build was founded on the idea of spreading the idea of sustainable home building and DIY information at no cost. Our purpose is to empower people like you with the information and knowledge to build your own home.
Accommodations are usually a campground at the build site. Most of the time we can provide water and electricity and lunch is always on us. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering for any amount of time!