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Making Bottle Bricks

An instructional video on how to make bottle bricks. Bottle bricks are used as decorative elements in Earthship walls that also allow light into the home.

2 comments to Making Bottle Bricks

  • aine silverbell

    this video was very helpful so first of all thank you for sharing.i have wanted to build an earthship here in ireland since i first saw them in the 1990′ question is bottle 19yr old son died nearly 3yrs ago and the cost of a marble surround is just too much.i wanted to know if you could give me any tips on how to go about building a glass bottle wall around the grave.i know this might sound a little bizarre but it is something i can afford,build myself and it will look beautiful,allowing light all around.if you can help i would really appreciate it.many thanks.

  • Mordechai

    Dan Rojas at his Green Power Science Web site shows how to cut glass bottles cleanly without a saw.

    Very impressive.

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