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Welcome to Off the Grid Build!

Hello and welcome to Off the Grid Build! My name is Dan Richfield and I am moving to Taos, NM in April 2011 to build an Earthship. I will be documenting the build on this Website so check back often to see the progress. Please enjoy this promotional video as it explains in more detail what this is all about!

4 comments to Welcome to Off the Grid Build!

  • Dara

    That is amazing, Dan. What an awesome thing to do. I look forward to reading more about it and wish I could come help…life at the moment includes lots of diapers and no sleep. Good luck and I send love-Dara

  • Thanks Dara! I wouldn’t expect you to, unless of course, we can put the little ones to work :) Show your support by visiting the site and checking on the progress! Love to the family.

  • karen

    Very impressive! Wish I could help out and learn from you, but live a couple of states away. I’m looking into self-sustaining farms at the moment and interested in an area less desert-y. But thanks for the inspiration… I’ll be checking this site often :)

  • My fiance and I are obsessed with earthships now! We plan on purchasing land within the next year and forming our own community of them. We would also love to train others. I signed up for your mailing list, so I’m interested to see your progress!

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